All products sold by NimbusMotor.com are inspected and tested before and after leaving the manufacturer. Each and every item is tested by our technicians and are guaranteed to be free of material defects and manufacturing faults.

Non-electronic components have a 365 day, 1 year warranty since the original purchase date.

Electronic components have a 60 day warranty since the original purchase date.

Warranties are non-transferable warranties.

If a component is defective and/or not correctly made, NimbusMotor at it’s sole discretion, will repair, replace and/or pay the buyer for a replacement.
Typical use, normal wear and tear, crash, water damage, modifications, improper use and/or installation are not covered.

No term warranty, in no case shall NimbusMotor’s liability be greater than the actual purchase price of the product.

Please note, you will be responsible for all return shipping charges. We strongly recommend that you use a trackable method to mail your return. 


Electrical products have a 60 day warranty since the original purchase date. Most electrical products are tested before shipment and are deemed in working condition before shipment. Due to the nature of assembly and setup, we are not liable or responsible for certain improper installations made by the customer. If it is a practical repair, we are more then happy to assist with repairing, replacing or offering a discount for a replacement at our discretion.

If the item has been damaged due to user neglect, accident and/or wear and tear the product is not eligible for warranty.

ESC/VESC has no warranty unless the additional warranty is purchased.


If any non-electronic products has a manufacturing fault. You may return your product to us and we will replace or repair it free of charge once the fault has been deemed to be a result of a manufacturing issue and not due to normal use, improper installation, extreme riding and/or a consumable product. If a replacement or repair is not possible, a discount on a replacement may be honored. The product must also be an existing in store product and cannot be a discontinued product. Additional shipping costs are responsibility of the buyer.

Consumable or usable products do not have a 1 year / 365 day warranty if used.

We do value our customers and under certain circumstances, we may discount a product due to user mistake, incorrect installation. We do do our best to not leave you hanging!